Suzana Gigić

My name is Suzana Gigic and I am an international watercolour artist, optometrist, chromotherapyst, and most importantly mother of a boy.
Also, I am a designer of my concept of lamps, and that idea was
protected officially as a completely original concept in the world.
Beside painting, during my artistic life I have created jewellery made
of wood, copper and clay, woodcarving.
Last few years I am only watercolour artist, and I have had several
exhibits all over the world and Europe. I will mention just a few here:

• Urbino Italy 2019 – International watercolour festival
• Poland 2019 – International watercolour festival “Step by Step”. I
was representing my country and entered into Super Final and that
allowed me to hold a demo painting in the group of artists with masters
from Russia, Germany and Canada.
• India 2019 – International watercolour festival “OLYMPIART”
• Malesia 2019 – International watercolour festival in category
“Landscapes” final entrance among 70 best works
• Fabriano Italy 2020 – chosen to be a part of the Serbian team of
watercolour artists. The greatest and biggest festival of watercolour in
Europe and Worldwide
• Urbino Italy 2020 – International watercolour festival

…every art is a exhibitionism in even a small part of it…it is not enough to stand alone…

Suzana Gigić ART
Miloša Velikog 20/18
11300 Smederevo / Serbia

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