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When you have entered into my world of creation, you have entered into the world of diversities and varieties. Like many other creators and artists during a long way of researching trough materials and techniques, my creative energy helped me to find my own path and to realize that it has always been in the form of light and colours.

watercolour is life

For me, watercolour is life itself. Life is also impossible without the
light and the core of that light is in the colours that we are
surrounded with every day.
If you let that water of life to guide you, if you have enough patience
not to resist and if you follow the rules that exist, love that you feel
will certainly be reciprocated by watercolour.
And that love will last.


Side wolk by the Danube

Side wolk by the Danube

Sunrise and roufs

The eye of the sky

more then 150 Custom work


For creating the lamps that have been present in my world of making art, lightning was necessary. They are imagined to be functional even without the possibility to be a lightning object, and all that because of their simplicity of idea they represent. But their whole purpose is recognized only in the magic of the light within. The concept of lamps I made has a name “Story telling   lamps“, and they communicate with you and with the interior in which they are in.
Lamp as a part of furniture inside of some closed space, still is and 
remains a lamp, but with a totally new role. It becomes almost like a sculpture with a new meaning and wider role. It creates a new and fresh impression to the environment inviting us for self-reflection. Pure aesthetics and beauty are rounded off and together they walk in a
new role for a simple lightning object.

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